Alexisonfire + Anti Flag + Four Year Strong + Ghost Of A Thousand

posted 16 Nov 2009, 02:40 by Harry Cooke
Leeds University Refectory 
Saturday 17th October 2009

by Joe Richardson 

I arrive in Leeds fresh from work and power march up from the train station to Leeds Uni arriving at the doors at ten past six. Even though the doors have only been open ten minutes 
Ghost Of A Thousand are already on stage and whipping the half full room into a frenzy with their rock and roll influenced hardcore. New single "Knees, Toes, Teeth" makes a storming appearance with it's pummeling riffs, driving beat and Tom Lacey's voice barking lyrics over it all. GOAT are also on a mission to teach the American bands on tour about a good bit of British politeness. Before "Running On Booze" Lacey asks the audience to split down the middle and, as the song starts, run towards to the person opposite and "shake their hand, give them a hug, squeeze a tit, what ever it takes". In all, another powerful, energetic and committed performance from Brighton's Ghost Of A Thousand.

One things for certain, 
Four Year Strong (pictured) have a tough act to follow but they pull it off. I will be honest, I haven't really heard that much of Four Year Strong before tonight but they certainly gained one new fan it the room. Four Year Strong do goofy, fun and uptempo songs that get the room bouncing along with them, in fact I think the only person with more energy is synth player Josh Lyford who is jumping around the stage and into the crowd from the opening song.

After a short break in proceedings that sees all the lights apart from the stage lights go out 
Anti Flag take to the stage and rip through a 50 minute set of breakneck anti capitalist punk in the mould of The Clash. So much so that towards the end of their set Justin Sane makes a passionate speech about how great it is to play in a venue that was host to a classic Clash gig before they launched into a cover of "Should I Stay Or Should I Go"Justin Geevers strained vocals fit the frenetic time signatures to a tee.Having never been a huge Anti Flag fan I now feel that I need to have a good listen to their back catalogue, but on this performance I certainly can see the appeal of the band.

What everyone is really waiting for is 
Alexisonfire. The Canadians have steadily built up a large following over the course of four excellent albums and numerous tours. Never afraid of a bit of hard graft Alexisonfire are a band with numerous live dates under their belts and their experience shows tonight as they create an atmosphere that closes in around you and carries you along through the hour and a bit that the band are on stage. They play a set mixed with old favourites as well as newer tracks taken from their latest album "Old Crows/Young Cardinals""We are The Sound" closely pips the newer "Accept Crime" sees the biggest crowd sing a long of the night and firm favourite "Boiled Frogs" sees the crowd at the front clamoring over each other as the circle pits really kick off. Stand out track from their new album has to be "Young Cardinals" which is aired tonight to a rapturous response.
Four albums into their career and 
Alexisonfire keep getting stronger and stronger.