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posted 15 Oct 2009, 01:06 by The Editor   [ updated 15 Oct 2009, 01:17 ]

The Cave, AmsterdamHolland

3rd October 2009


by Vicky Miller

’s very own Captain, Your Ship Is Sinking opened up what promised to be a musically innovative night. Their protracted, melodic instrumental opening was suddenly intersected by a high pitched scream as singer Friso Veltkamp’s vocals kicked in. Veltkamp threw himself around as if possessed by a demon as he screeched over the music. The guitar driven noise created by the band was reminiscent of the darker moments of Mogwai, yet the singer’s style was more akin to Converge or 3 Stages of Pain. These opposing ideals juxtaposed themselves within the music and Captain, Your Ship Is Sinking created a sound in this dark, intimate club that I can only say was truly unique. Each song intertwined long, instrumental interludes with distorted burgeoning guitar noise and sudden interruptions of manic hardcore energy.


Captain, Your Ship Is Sinking are clearly very accomplished as individual musicians. The sound they create is a kind of post-modern progressive rock fused with elements of grindcore. Although the aggressive vocals did seem to be a little random and disjointed from the music at times, their individual performances as musicians was quite exceptional. The unrelenting energy of “Noah Build Me An Ark” provided the set’s stand-out track, however each song they played really was as impressive as the lastTheir style was experimental and evocative and I can honestly say I was quite astounded by Captain, Your Ship Is Sinking’s performance tonight. 


As the second band, Italy’s Valerian Swing, took to the stage I couldn’t help but wonder where their singer was. As the band launched into their set, I realised there wasn’t going to be one. Now, although I’m a big fan of Mogwai and Godspeed! You Black Emperor, this was the first time I’d seen a band without a vocalist live and I wasn’t sure what to expect. Valerian Swing’s songs featured quiet elongated guitar intros which led into bursts of energetic noise and they made us of rapid tempo changes and start/stop techniques. Bass player Alan Ferioli clearly took himself very seriously as he danced around the stage, jumping on and off amplifiers


Valerian Swing’s songs are best described as ambient, instrumental randomness with most of their songs not seeming to reach a natural end; it was as if the members just stopped playing. It seemed strange, and impressive, that a noise so massive as theirs could be created by only one guitar, one bass and drums.


After seeing two support bands who were quite simply stunning, I was expecting big things from headliners As Enemies Arise, and they did not disappoint. This very young Dutch quintet exuded youthful, hardcore energy and anger from the moment they stepped onstage.


I had been forewarned by the band that singer Gideon Kessler was ‘a little bit sick today’ so his voice would not be up to its usual standard. This certainly was not evident in his performance tonight. His deep, throaty vocals were consistently powerful and as he screamed over some fast, heavy riffs, the band created a sound that was truly immense. Guitarists Johan Vesters and Simon Gloudemans showed off their technical abilities with some interesting and intricate guitar work, interspersed by the throbbing energy of bassist Jelle Swanen and drummer Dirk Van der Lockland.

As Enemies Arise’s songs tread that faint line between hardcore and metal. Their fast paced and intense sound is set against slower, heavier riffs in signature hardcore style, yet Kessler’s low and guttural voice is more evocative of metal vocals. Throughout their set, as the band head banged in unison, joked with each other between songs and exchanged cheeky glances, it was clear that they genuinely love what it is they are doing.


As Enemies Arise have everything the hardcore scene needs right now: youth, drive, anger and some serious talent. As their European tour draws to a close I can only hope that this band is going to get the recognition it deserves and I look forward to seeing them in the UK sometime soon. Their recently self released debut EP “Show Me That Smile offers a taster of this band’s capabilities and their live show tonight highlighted the band’s incredible energy and solidarity. For godsake, someone give these boys a record deal.