Band of Skulls

posted 17 Feb 2010, 03:27 by Harry Cooke
Magnet Club, Berlin
17 January 2010

by Dörte Heilewelt

On the website of the venue – the small Magnet Club – they didn’t announced a support band for the Band of Skulls. Ok, it is no surprise that there was one but it got me by surprised that the Dukes of Windsor were so good. 

Dukes of Windsor are a 5-piece band from Australia who just moved to Berlin and will probably take over Europe in the nearer future. They are making a mix of Pop and Rock and some electronic stuff with catchy lyrics – I guess it is called Indiepop. It seemed as if they had a lot of fun onstage and so did the first few rows (even through they stood 3 meters away from that small stage). 

The singer Jack often made room for Oskar (guitar) and Joe’s (bass) dancing by standing on the edge of the stage - those two certainly needed the place for their dancing. Besides those three there were Mirra (drums) and Scott (Keyboard) on the stage, too. They played a rather long set for a support band and it wasn’t boring for a second. I hope I get the chance to see them live again very soon.

Whoever thinks of Heavy Metal or anything like that when he hears the name Band of Skulls couldn’t be more wrong. I had the same thought as well before I gave them a short listen and got my concert ticket straight away after the first listen. I liked that name. Matthew Hayward (drums), Russell Marsden (guitar, vocals) and Emma Richardson (bass, vocal) are making Alternative Rock with trances of Blues. 

Just like the Dukes the London based Band of Skulls played for the first time in Berlin. They and the audience seemed to enjoy themselves and each other. The audience was excited and dancing and when they played “Death by Diamonds and Pearls” it seemed as even the last one in the Magnet was on fire. It was a pleasure to watch Russell playing his guitar and how he look to Emma from the corner of his eye. He came to the edge of the stage over and over again while he played and it looked like he’d have loved to jump off the stage and dance with us. Russell’s and Emma’s voices sounded rougher and a bit more dirty than they do on the CD and that is great because it fits the songs so much more. 

The only damper on this concert was when Russell’s guitar broke shortly before the end and he had to repair it onstage. Something that can clearly happen but I wished that the other two members would have interacted with us a bit more while Russell repaired his guitar. And another guitar was the reason why they couldn’t play all of their songs – they left the guitar at home (or somewhere that wasn’t the Magnet). The Set was about an hour long and despite everything it was really good.