Live at Leeds - 2009

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Leeds, 2nd May 2009


Graced with a warm sunny day, the remaining tickets where snapped up before the doors of the various venues opened at 12. This years Live At Leeds festival, now in it's third year, was a great showcase for the high callibre of bands based in the leeds area along side some carefuly selected bands from around the country.
My day started at the Brudenel Social Club, one of my favourite Leeds venues with cheap beer and the opening band Wonderswan. It's been a fair few months since I had last seen Wonderswan, named after a handheld games console, and the first gig I had seen with their new basist. The sound has become much tighter whilst keeping that almost ramshackle approach they've inherited from influences such as Pavement & Sebadoh.
Next up at the same venue were Glaswiegian's 1990s with songs from their 2nd album 'Kicks'. Formed from the remnants of The Yummy Fur, 1990's write great melodic angular tunes remanicent of the glasgow bands of old.

Lord Auch

Still at the Brudenell, Lord Auch played thier first set as a 5 piece, previously being a 3 piece. The addition of a new bassist and 2nd guitarist has filled the sound out to be even darker that before whilst still managing to keep a minimal approach with some songs. One song in particular using only drums, bass and vocals with Liam on backing vocals losing the guitar for the track and front man Si McCabe on vocal duties and at times playing keys.
Following Lord Auch's set, it was time to change venues and head down to the Met for The Bacchae. Playing for the last time with their current drummer, The Bacchae bring a sound influenced by such as T-Rex, Led Zepplin and The Cramps, but with a female vocalist.

The Bacchae

At this point, I was becoming aware of huge queues forming at many of the venues in town, it's a bit annoying but rather than heading to see bands at different venues, you realy need to just pick a venue and stay there. With this in mind I stayed at the Met for the rest of the evening, although my memory is a bit hazy from this point due to the all afternoon drinking session which was inevitable! The main room was opened prior to Dinosaur Pile-Up's set allowing the queue which had formed outside to be allowed in to the venue. Gramatics followed and were welcomed rapturesly by the home crowd. The last band at the Met were the Maccabees, although I somehow managed to miss them (I think)!
Then it was on to the Faversham for the Bad Sneakers after party and dancing the night away.
All in all a successfull day, I managed to avoid the queues which many were not amused by, although it did mean missing a number of bands I would have liked to have seen, but that really can be expected at this kind of event.

8 / 10

Stew Abel - (All Photographs © Stew Abel)


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