Mumford & Sons + King Charles + Pete Roe

posted 29 Sep 2009, 00:13 by Harry Cooke   [ updated 29 Sep 2009, 00:41 ]
23rd September 2009
The Cockpit, Leeds

Over the past few months I've heard more and more people asking "Does this mean Folk is now cool?". In some ways they are right to ask, think of a "Folk Festival" and your mind conjures up images of long-bearded men with a CAMRA t-shirt stretched over a beer-gut and stereotypical white socks and sandals combo singing along to protest songs. Folk has moved on (again) and a new generation has discovered it for themselves, both artists and fans alike.

Pete Roe kicked the evening off with a sublime set. Outwardly people were saying "My Dad would love this", still uncomfortable accepting folk's new role as the anti-X-Factor showcasing raw grassroot talent, but you could sense the awe in the hushed room as the crowd absorbed the troubadour's lyrics. King Charles then burst onto the stage in a surprising shift in tone for the evening. Hanging from the ceiling during their final song all I could think was "Well, that was fun".

Mumford & Sons
 took to the stage with the confidence their touring experience has given them. Marcus Mumford has toured as Laura Marling's percussionist and their single "Little Lion Man" is currently being pushed as one of Zane Lowe's hottest hits on Radio1 and MTV2 show Gonzo.

This is actually the third time I've seen Mumford & Sons and they continue to impress, the size of the crowd has grown each time and the band seem comfortable in any situation. Their set list showed off their variety and they also dispatched with their single "Little Lion Man" early in the set, which is a brave move for a small group with one single, but the crowd watched on, mesmerised by the new tracks and Marcus's new found skill as a stand-up comic. 

So, is folk cool? Mumford & Sons provide a variety of Folk-Rock that is. It's raw, their harmonies are sung with husky voices and they are all masters of their (many) instruments. After the Leeds Cockpit gig I can safely say Mumford & Sons are my new favourite artist, and they should be yours too.

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Harry Cooke

Mumford & Sons are having a launch party for their album, it's a massive hoedown in a barn! Tickets available here
Album "Sigh no More" is available now, and Mumford & Sons continue their UK tour:

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