Telegraphs + Lights Action

posted 22 Jun 2009, 11:37 by The Editor   [ updated 24 Jun 2009, 15:19 by Harry Cooke ]
Fibbers, York - Sunday 14th June

Local band Alive by Fire were the support act under two headline acts, Telegraphs and Lights Action, and nervously took to the stage for their second-ever gig. Although inexperienced, the band quickly settled into their set and showed they have the skill to produce a quality sound. Some of the clichéd lyrics could be toned down, the repeated chorus of "Better to have lost than to have never loved" in "It's Been a Pleasure" stood out as the worst offender, but overall a catchy song. We were told about some acoustic numbers, but these didn't get a play.

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Telegraphs then took to the stage and turned up the volume as well as the style. The powerful vocals from Darcy Harrison are perfectly complimented by Bassist Hattie Williams' voice, most notably on "I Don't Navigate by You". Telegraphs  powered through their set, encouraging the disappointingly small crowd to get to their feet. I'd go as fat to say that on a busier night Telegraphs would be one of this year's must see indie-rock acts, and on listening to their album We Were Ghosts they have a fantastic chance of breaking through to the mainstream. Make sure you get their first.

Telegraphs - I Don't Navigate By You

Lights Action then followed up with an impressive set full of anthemic rock. Combining piano, strong percussion, loud guitar with a fantastic voice they blended together to produce a real atmosphere to the small crowd who was watching. I would have liked to see many more people turn up for these great bands, perhaps in a year or so they will have missed their chance to see them in such close proximity.


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