The Ghost Of A Thousand + The Computers + Shark

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Fibbers, York 4th July 2009

The Ghost Of A Thousand

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To be honest I'm not a fan of this heat and heading down to Fibers tonight I wish that I had a shorts, flip flops combo on but I had decided against that at home on grounds of health and safety. Mainly my health and safety as I can't see that going to see a hardcore band wearing flip flops as such a good idea. 

I arrive at the venue just in time to see Sharks start their set of fast paced Clash sounding punk rock and I can't help but draw comparisons between the intro and first verse of "Friends" and the 
Clash's "I Fought The Law...". The lead guitarist has dance moves that would make Pete Townsend jealous and the band have a tremendous energy and momentum that they carry through the whole set but, ultimately, they suffer from what a lot of bands at Fibbers suffer from, Poor sound. The vocals become lost in the mix and what bits of lyrics I can hear seem to contain some strong social commentary. More than that, I'm afraid, I can't be too sure of.

With the air conditioning switched on if Fibbers and a cooling pint in hand The Computers take to the stage and the night shift into another gear. Tattooed and 
bequiffed, the lead singer tells the audience, who are mostly stood near the back of the room and next to the bar, to "come up here, there's nothing as interesting as us playing going on at the bar". The response from the crowd it to dutifully move to the front. 

The Computers play at a hundred miles an hour and mix a feel of good '
ol Rock and Roll in with more modern Hardcore sounding vocals. The drumming is tight and technical which inter play nicely with the driving guitars and bass. Songs such as "S.O.S" and "Hell Yeah" keep the crowd listening as does the between song banter that could turn into a second career should they decide that they don't want to play music any more. 

The Ghost Of A Thousand
 start their set with the crowd still rooted to the spot after The Computers stuck them there. At only a quarter full it is quite a disappointing attendance tonight. Those who aren't there have missed out on a real treat as The Ghost Of A Thousand where sublime and, quite possibly, made me fall in love with hardcore all over again. Singer Tom Lacey started their show standing on a monitor and trying to swing from the very low ceiling, failing that it was over the crush barrier for him and onto standing on the bar and if not there he was hanging off members of the crowd, on the floor and, at one point, giving yours truly a lovely sweaty hug and stroke of my face. On stage the band are tight and firing off each other which adds to the intensity of the bands performance as they rip through "Left For Dead", "Bright Lights" and "Running On Empty".

This gig reaffirmed my faith in the hardcore genre and the fact that there are still young, exciting hardcore bands out there who are intent on putting on one hell of a show! If you see The Computers or  in your town get to that gig, you will not be disappointed.


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