The Wedding Present

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Fibbers, York, 5th March 2009

This appears to be a warm up gig for a pending tour in the Far East not long after and it certainly seems as if the band are flexing their muscles across much of their extensive back catalogue. They’ve also changed guitarist yet again since the last time I saw them play at the Paradiso in Amsterdam in November 2007, but that’s always been par for the course in recent times for Gedge’s outfit.

As expected, Fibbers is heaving but the sound is unfortunately a bit ropey for to start with resulting in opening classic Kennedy losing much of its ferocity. Things evened out slightly as the band worked their way through most of their back catalogue drawing from the usual suspects of Seamonsters, Bizarro, several 1991 singles (when they released a 7” a month for 12 months) and more recent efforts like Take Fountain and El Rey, finishing if memory serves me correctly with one of their earlier singles My Favourite Dress. Several Cinerama tracks also got an airing much to the crowd’s pleasure. As is normal for this lot there was no encore, they just left behind a mass of sweating, slightly deafened thirtsomethings in what was left of the mosh pit.

Ever the professional David Gedge worked the Yorkshire crowd to good effect, displaying the well-known wit contained in his songs. His fellow band members tore through the songs perfectly, barely drawing breath.

The cynic in me struggles sometimes to identify this band as The Wedding Present considering all that David Gedge really did was rename Cinerama at one point to draw in the punters, but in reality it doesn’t matter. Gedge’s songs all sound great regardless of what moniker they were released under, and there’s always been a revolving door of band membership over the years so perhaps I shouldn’t be too precious about it.

A great night let down by poor sound for a large portion of the gig. Luckily the strength of the songs saved the day.

7 / 10

Jonathan Wilcox


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