Alberta Cross- Old Man Chicago

posted 11 Mar 2010, 09:34 by Joe Richardson   [ updated 11 Mar 2010, 09:42 ]
[Ark Records]
Released: 8th March 2010

by Leon Rightback

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Alberta Cross seem to have this lazy, garage blues thing down to a fine art. "Old Man Chicargo" is a winding, mid tempo song that feels slightly dirty and sweaty from the second you slip the CD from the case and into your CD player. Light drums sit nicley under a dirty guitar riff and gives the track it's wondering feel.
One thing I will say is that the opening to the track sounds a little too much like any Oasis song from the mid 90's and had me worried for the first thirty seconds or so before the vocals kicked in.
To be honest there isn't that much to say about this track. It a really nice garage blues song that will probably lead listeners to Fearne Cotton's  radio show(apparently Fearnes quite a big fan) to dig deeper into the genre and discover other bands who are doing this sort of thing but not getting the recognition for it.