Allo, Darlin'- The Polaroid Song

posted 13 Jan 2010, 04:54 by Harry Cooke   [ updated 13 Jan 2010, 05:07 ]
[Fotuna Pop!]
Released: 14th December 2009

by Jack Baron 

In October 2009 all the Polaroid film in the world expires. And then there won’t be Polaroid any more…

"The Polaroid Song" is the first song to come from Allo, Darlin's debut album which is due for release in early 2010 and comes on the back of early success with their first single "Henry Rollins" which gained air play from Radio 1, Six Music and XFM. Lyrically "The Polaroid Song" deals with Polaroids decision to manufacturing the iconic film and the many happy memories of pictures taken on Polaroid film as well as doubts and worries for the future without the ability to take pictures with out it. 

The track is given a whimsical feel by the use of lightly strummed, jangly indie pop guitars and a steady light drum beat that under pins the song and keeps it bouncing along. Flutes also add fun and a lovely element of joy which sits strangely at odds with a song that is mourning the passing of a modern cultural icon.

The B side is
 "Will You Please Spend New Years Eve With Me?" which is a very simple, striped down track featuring double tracked vocals which are direct as well as managing to have a child like naivety, a wonderful ukulele and a whistled backing section. This combined conjures up thought of the anti-folk of Kimya Dawson.
The band are also giving away a unique Polaroid picture in each of the first 100 7" copies of the single which should be an extra incentive for you to go and buy the single.
 "The Polaroid Song" and it's B side "Will You Please..." are both lovely slices of pure indie pop that can put a bounce into the step of the listener after just one listen.