Angus And Julia Stone- And The Boys

posted 10 Mar 2010, 10:47 by Joe Richardson
[Flock Music]
Released: 1st March 2010

by Joe Richardson
"And The Boys" marks the return for brother and sister duo Angus And Julia Stone after taking a litle time away to record their second album "Down The Way" which is released later in March. I also have to amdmit that this is the first time that I have given them any sort of listen. Why this is I am really not sure as "And The Boys" is a truely beutiful song.
Seemily taking the idea that less is definitly better the song is made up of simple, yet effective arrangement of guitar, drums, trumpet and piano with Julia's vocal delicatly placed on top. Julia's voice has a delicate feel which I fear may shatter like glass at any moment  but still resonates with warmth and passion towards the song it's subject and I can not help but make comparisson towards Martha Wainwright.
Overall this is a lovely crafted song and I now can not wait to get my mitts on the album so I can enjoy a full length offering from Angus And Julia Stone. Don't ty to resist them as they are coming to lay claim to your ear drums.