Angus & Julia Stone – Down the Way

posted 22 Mar 2010, 01:57 by Joe Richardson

[Flock Music]

Released 15th March 2010

by Ash Mitchell

Down the Way” is the second album from the Australian brother and sister duo of Angus & Julia Stone this time with the pair debuting as producers.

Hold On” is a stunning opening track for the album, mixing Julia’s delicate yet passionate voice with the backing of an orchestral string section, a combination which complement each other perfectly and make for an extremely beautiful song.

Forthcoming single  “Big Jet Plane”, unlike the aforementioned track showcases the vocal talent of Angus and also demonstrates how well the duo compliment each other’s voices  with Julia providing subtle yet effective backing vocals. 

Yellow Brick Road is a true stand out track on the album. Clocking in at a whopping 7.37, one would expect to perhaps lose interest; although is not the case, although Angus does go a tad Steve Vai on us towards the end. The song has a beautifully delicate finger picked guitar melody throughout which has an amazing raw quality to it as to the point where you can almost hear fingernails caressing the strings.

Other tracks are difficult to focus on as ‘stand out’ as “Down the Way” is consistently stunning from beginning to end.

With a seemingly endless amount of musical ability, Angus & Julia Stone have managed to produce an album on which no two songs feel the same. “Down the Way” takes the listener through a vast array of emotions and all the songs remain consistently pretty throughout. Angus & Julia Stone are almost certainly set for big things and this album shoes exactly why that is.