Apse - Climb Up

posted 3 Dec 2009, 01:08 by Harry Cooke
Released: 9th November 2009

by Joe Richardson

So this is what Post-Post-Rock sounds like then, or is it a bit of shoegaze album, oh no hang on, that was a rather large slice of prog just there. Now I'm just a little confused. Well kinda. I quite like it to be honest. 

Swirling vocals combine with a tribal drum beat, reverberating guitars and soaring piano combine on album opener 
"Blown Doors". Where "Blown Doors" is a mass of soundscapes second track "All Mine" is a more straight forward affair with gentle guitar sounds neatly overlaying a steady, almost hypnotic, drum beat. These two tracks really showcase both sides of Apse and, i can only assume, is why they are placed next to each other on the record.

Apse can do the grand and they can do the simple, at point they manage to do both within the space of three minutes. "The Age" is a track that points towards that. Opening with a lovely, simple, drum beat before growing and turning over and over on it's self to grow and expand into a slightly racy shoegaze influenced track.
Listening through this album I can't help but feel that 
Apse are the band that Kasabian would love to be but will never quite get to be. All the 80's influences, off kilter time signatures, swirling guitars and the rather grandeur's arrangements come together to make some beautiful songs that Apse have clearly taken time over crafting and getting the layers of music together. The only issue that I have with this album is it's accessibility for the listener. At times it can be a difficult record to listen to an to try to unpick but, then again, that is probably what the band wanted to go for in some ways.
Whatever you say about 
"Climb Up" you have to admit that it is a beautiful album that's filled with well crafted songs that create atmosphere in any room.