Ardentjohn - On The Wire

posted 2 Feb 2010, 10:21 by The Editor
[Slow Train Records]
Released: 25/01/2010

by Harry Cooke

From the very first moment I started listening to this album I was struck by it. Not by loud, powerful tracks, but by a lovely familiarity. The only comparison I could make is like meeting up with an old friend you haven't seen for years on a Sunday afternoon for a catch-up and instantly being relaxed around them. 

This comparison then took a new dimension when I discovered the two founders of the band had reunited by chance in Edinburgh many years after being at primary school together, but far from best friends they had been bitter enemies, culminating in a playground fistfight.

None of this anger has permeated the music they create with their six-piece band combining beautiful strings, soft vocals and subtle harmonies. The tracks give you a feel of the sweeping views from the cottage on the banks of Loch Fyne where the album was created.

If you are meeting an old friend for a chat on a Sunday afternoon, this is a lovely, relaxing album to have on in the background. Thoroughly worth having in the collection.