Ash – War With Me

posted 18 Mar 2010, 10:51 by Joe Richardson

[Atomic Heart Records]

Released: 29th March 2010

by Fred Palmer


Ash round off the first half of their A-Z series with “War With Me”, which represents letter M in their 26 single mission. So as the Irish rockers reach the halfway line, what can be said of their latest effort and what kind of light does it cast their ambitious campaign in?


Generally, “War With Me” comes across as exactly what you would expect for the mid-way track of a 26 single run, in that it is completely and utterly mediocre. Pleasant, but not a patch on their former standards. Indeed, from a band that produced such joyously thrashy, punk-esque  hits as “Orpheus”, “Sometimes” and “Shining Light”, this plodding ballad seems like something of a betrayal.


That said, “War With Me” has several positive points. The chorus is incredibly catchy and it would be impossible to fault the band’s overall tight delivery, which continues to convey their passion, talent and general charm. Nevertheless, the track’s syrupy lyrics, ambling piano melody and overall aimlessness highlight the letter M as a forgettable entry within Ash’s alphabet series.


With any luck, they will be back on form before too long. However, this rather poor addition to the band’s body of work casts doubt on their ability to complete this A-Z campaign with their credibility in tact and begs the inevitable question – what the hell are they going to be churning out by the time they get to letter Z?