Ash - Space Shot

posted 20 Jan 2010, 00:32 by Harry Cooke
[Atomic Heart Records]
Released: 18th January 2010

by Joe Richardson

Space Shot
 is letter H in Ash's A-Z singles series and follows on from True Love 1980 and Joy Kicks Darkness. Packed with synths but still retaining the guitar, bass, drum sounds and big hooks that bought Ash their initial success in the 90's Space Shot sounds futuristic and space age whilst still retaining a pop sensibility which Ash have built their career on. 

This is a definite progression as far as the band are concerned and should earn them some new fans without alienating the older, hardcore, fans. What I do worry about is can the band sustain this through 26 singles. The first three have sounded pretty good and the band seems invigorated by this new direction but will it hold up over a lengthy stretch or will I be sat here towards the end of the year writing about another 
Ash single that sounds just like the previous 23? This is a serious test of Tim Wheeler's song writing and one where only time will tell if the band can sustain it I suppose...