Black Gold - Idols

posted 16 Dec 2009, 08:39 by Harry Cooke
[Red Bull Records]
Released: December 14th 

by Andy Puffin

Black Gold
are currently touring the UK with The Book House Boys, and release "Idols", probably the stand out track off their debut album, Rush, this week. A mid-tempo'd number, that has a chorus built for stadiums, it sees lead singer Eric Ronick's voice take on a husky, almost whisper in the verses, while when you reach that chorus, it's a pure shout-along rush. 

The middle 8 is a dreamy, almost psychedelic trip, that cements the more classic influences that can be heard on the track (check the video below, it's very Beatles-y). Some of the drumming, particularly towards the end is real quality, and having recently seen said drummer in the flesh, I can confirm that it is as impressive in a live environment.