Black Gold - Rush

posted 25 Sep 2009, 02:54 by The Editor
[Red Bull Records]
Released: 5th Oct 09

Some albums are slow burners. There are some albums in your record collection that are truly great, but you've never given them the chance to become great because your first impression wasn't lasting, and it was discarded, into that pile in the corner and left to gather dust. "Rush," the debut album from Black Gold, is very definitely a slow burner. On first listen it's very hard to feel anything for the record. It's passes by uneventfully with a few little piques, but nothing more than a chin stroke or an "ah that's nice". Some of the songs are a bit over-long, some are a bit similar. 

The group are a duo, Eric Ronick and Than Luu, hailing from Brooklyn, however despite hailing from one of the coolest places in the world, this album isn't that cool. It's a little bit lounge-y, a little ambient, but it's very difficult to think that it's from the same part of the world that David Sitek and The Beastie Boys call home. This is more suburban, Mazda-driving security. "Rush" won't break any barriers down, in fact on lead single "Breakdown", they are almost constrained, and restricted. 

While musically it's nicely layered, the layers in question are merely different shade of brown and tope. Opener "Detroit", reminds me of a timid Muse, while "Shine" is a bit Killers-lite. And this takes me back to my opening point, this album is actually rather good, if you like the middle of the road. It will give you a little shiver, if you eat porridge for breakfast. You'll do a little air-guitar movement and sing the words back as you walk down the street if you like your Nando's medium. What I'm trying to say is that this is music for the unadventurous.


Jay Nice

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