Black Soul Strangers - Lies

posted 16 Dec 2009, 08:32 by Harry Cooke
[Squeek Records]
Released: 30th November 2009

by Jack Baron 

Listening through this single through my first instinct was that 
Black Soul Strangers sound was not too dissimilar to that of early Placebo, you know, from before Brian Molko cut his hair and played up his androgynous appearance, but that has changed the more I have listened to the single.

There is a definite pop sensibility to 
"Lies" that gets the tune stuck in your head and has had me wondering around the house humming the chorus and drumming on the desk while I ponder if I really need to go out into the cold, wet world to buy more milk or do I just make do with builders tea until I am forced to venture out again for other supplies and not just the milk. 

So there's no denying that 
Black Soul Strangers have a catchy tune on their hands, the other thing that they have is heart felt lyrics and they have these by the bucket full. Lyrically "Lies" deals with lost love through anothers deception and how the character in the song would happily be 
walked all over by this person all over again. Not a typical ballad to lost love then with it's up tempo, indie sounding guitars and straight forward drumming which combine to drive the song forward at a fair pace.

With all this in mind I still feel that this is a decent indie song but it feels a little lightweight in some way. I just can't put my finger on what it is that gives the song that feeling. With that said there isn't much else wrong with the song at all with it's broken melodies and sharp guitar sounds, it's a clean cut and precise song. Maybe that's part of the problem for me. Maybe it's just too clean cut.