Broadway Calls – Good Views, Bad News

posted 2 Sep 2009, 03:27 by The Editor   [ updated 2 Sep 2009, 03:38 ]

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Broadway Calls 
are a classic pop-punk band from Oregon in the US of A and this is their second album. They were originally signed by Billie Joe from Green Day and label-wise they’re in good company with the likes of Gogol Bordello and The Gaslight Anthem.

They pretty much wear their influences on their sleeves and it’s obvious what they are when you have a listen. Having Bill Stevenson (ex-Descendents drummer) on production duties has helped set them apart from the acres of sub-standard punk acts that clog up the likes of the Kerrang! channel.

You can see why Billie Joe took a shine them when you hear tracks like opener Midnight Hour which bounces along nicely and is as sing-along and feel-good as all good pop-punk should be. This frenetic formula works great across the whole album but they change pace slightly on Basement Royalty which sounds like recent Green Day and is a bit less in-your-face and all the better for it.  Tonight’s Alive is a bit on an anthemic one, with a shouty intro that will work great at their upcoming gigs supporting The Offspring and at the Leeds/Reading festivals. Obligatory ballad At The End brings the album to a bit a downbeat close but finishes things off nicely and should come across suitably epic at gigs.

My favourite track is The Sundowners which does a good job of wrapping up all the melodies and energy that this lot seem to be about. Broadway Calls will help secure their place in an already crowded scene just nicely.


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Jonathan Wilcox