The Candle Thieves - Sunshine & Other Misfortunes

posted 3 Apr 2010, 09:39 by Harry Cooke   [ updated 3 Apr 2010, 09:59 ]
Carnival Town Records
Released: 5th April 2010

by Harry Cooke

I've been really looking forward to listening to "Sunshine & Other Misfortunes". Having seen the care and attention put into every aspect of the band, from their look, the style of their album artwork, to their superb videos, I was keen to hear the culmination of all this subtle effort. 

Last year we ran a video-blog that the band recorded from their trip to New York and ever since then I'd been caught up by their wonderful enthusiasm and optimism. Then, luckily for me coincidences do happen, and the day "Sunshine & Other Misfortunes" landed on my doormat I opened the paper to discover The Candle Thieves were kicking off their tour of fan's living rooms just down the road from me, and even better it was in my old local pub (pictured).

Coincidence, hope, and optimism are all present in the musical world that The Candle Thieves have created around them. The opening track is also the first single to be released and "We're All Gonna Die (Have Fun)" has a feel of an upbeat Eels track, and wouldn't be out of place on any American College movie. 

The feel-good factor is high, but as the name of the track suggests there are much deeper messages and feelings that run through the album than the child's glockenspiel or the toy piano that are played would suggest. These instruments weren't chosen for for visual effect, but for specific sounds they can create that fit the track.

For me the stand out tracks are "Sharks and Bears", and now that spring is showing it's first signs of bursting out, the wonderful "The Sunshine Song". There is a recurring theme throughout the album about dreaming, and although the lyrics can read as extremely depressing ("Sometimes I dream of drowning, or falling down the stairs") they always manage to end on a high ("So don't let go, the best is yet to come").

This album fits many moods, there are great party tracks, lazy Sunday afternoon tracks, and beautifully crafted melodies to just sit and listen to, but as an album they all fit together like lego to create a colourful, playful masterpiece.