Cats For Peru - Attack Of The Pitching Machine

posted 5 Jan 2010, 06:06 by Harry Cooke
[Thee Sheffield Phonographic Corporation]
Released: 7th December 2009

by Barry Jarlow

Cats For Peru (aka cats:for:peru) have been around for a number of years now and played the length and breadth of the country. This experience feeds evidently into their debut album, Attack of the Pitching Machine, a confident effort that showcases a large range of styles. 

The album starts with slowburner Manifesto, before Love in a Lift showcases the best of CFP, cramming enough ideas for three songs into one. This is where CFP clearly show their strengths, with songs such as I Love You More than Evolution and Last Man in Europe that have sufficient elements to make repeated listenings an enjoyable experience. 

However, this range of influences is also the downside to Attack of the Pitching Machine, when influences perhaps best left in the stereo come to the forefront. The worst of these is the  mid-90s indie that drives a lot of the guitar parts throughout the album and comes to prominence particularly in songs such as Feet First and Slight to the Right

However, even at this times there are always things worth taking away from CFP's songs and often everything combines to make something truly sublime, nowhere less than the ace single Asleep in Monaco, that starts off sounding like Beirut and slowly evolves into something truly their own.