Chapel Club- O Maybe I

posted 25 Feb 2010, 02:04 by Joe Richardson
[East City Recordings]
Released: 22nd February 2010

by Barry Jarlow
Don't be surprised if you haven't heard the name Chapel Club yet. "O Maybe I" is only their second single. However, if they can continue to make the huge leaps in quality that they have made from debut single Surfacing then O Maybe I will be a name you will hear more of in 2010.

This is not to say that "O Maybe I" is a truly great song, but it is a huge improvement on first single Surfacing, which was largely a pointless in low quality MBV imitation. But where the arrangements and particularly the vocals on that track were flat and uninspiring, on "O Maybe I", singer Lewis Bowman's vocals rise above the songs and pull it forward despite the downbeat lyrical content. Fighting for your attention is the catchy, choppy guitar parts of Michael Hibbert, which are perhaps the biggest improvement on the track. Between them they construct a song that, despite few signs of true quality, shows real signs of a band in blossom.