Crazy Arm - Henry Fabian Flynn

posted 30 Nov 2009, 01:35 by Harry Cooke
[Xtra Mile Recordings]
Released 2nd November 2009

by Laurence Ledbetter

A light crescendo from a guitar opens 
Crazy Arms second single from their debut album "Born To Ruin". This is a guitar part that reappears at regular intervals in the song and often acts as a nice bridge between verse and chorus. This is underpinned by a relentless drum beat and powerful bursts of rhythm guitar.

At first listen it is very easy to say that 
"Henry Fabian Flynn" is a rebel song and, with that, one without much of a cause. I feel that it is a statement that is an easy and lazy one to throw in if a writer (or the listener) is struggling to find anything in the music or simply doesn't want to look any further into a track to discover more. Essentially this is a roots-pink song with a folk base and a very sensitive nature to the lyrics. 

The band have been very coy about revealing the meaning of the track but after a few listens to it appears that 
Darren Johns is singing about finding the positive out of a negative and turning that into something new. 

"Henry Fabian Flynn" is four minutes of positive energy from Crazy Arm that I couldn't help but be infected by.