Dance To The Radio 4x12" Series Volume 4

posted 9 Feb 2010, 09:06 by Joe Richardson
[Dance To The Radio]
Releasd: 8th February 2010

by Barry Jarlow
Drink Up Buttercup- Even Think
Milk White Teeth- The Calender Which Crawls
Super Extra Bonus Party- Who Are You and What Do You Want?
Paul Thomas Saunders- Getting Loose With The Obtuse

And so Dance to the Radio's 4x12" Series comes to a close. Looking back at the previous three releases reminds me of how eclectic their roster can be. We've had hip-hop to heavy metal and more alternative/psych/pop/electro/orchestral/indie/rock than you can shake a 12 inch at. To close off the series though, DttR decide to stick with what they do best, radio friendly indie tracks and support for their local Leeds music scene.

Kicking off the release is Philadelphia's Drink Up Buttercup who burst out of the tracks with Even Think, a psychedelic number in the mould of Of Montreal or TuNe-YaRdS. Like their contemporaries they have updated the classic song structures of Brian Wilson, embued them with even more energy and produced an ode to the weekend that is impossible not to like. [7/10]

The first of two tracks coming out of the fertile Leeds music scene is from Milk White White Teeth, a band you're not likely to forget having seen, even in Leeds, due to the stage presence their eight members have. Despite having been around for little over a year they have started to develop a strong repertoire of songs, of which The Calendar which Crawls is one of the stand-outs. Despite heavy use of repetition it is an enjoyable listen due to clever construction, with it dropping in and out of the jangly chorus allowing different elements to dominate at different sections. [8/10]

Super Extra Bonus Party are by far the longest serving act on this release having been around since 2005. This track, taken from their second studio album, Night Horses, is at best a sign of the 'difficult second album', but more realistically one of a band in decline. Having lost some vital members, the inventiveness that saw them win the 2007 Choice Music Prize (the Irish equivalent of the Mercury) seems to be missing. Whilst not a terrible track the repetitive electro backing track and inaudible vocals offer nothing new. [4/10]

Paul Thomas Saunders' Getting Loose with the Obtuse is a perfect closing track. The Leeds-based singer has started to get some press attention due to way in which the beautiful songs he writes flesh out when a full band is added. However, even on record this track stands out as the one of greatest quality on this release. Intelligently added backing elements combine subtly to drive Paul's voice to the forefront and his simplistic, but not simple, lyrics are delivered with a real heartfelt honesty. [9/10]