Dead Confederate - The Rat

posted 17 Nov 2009, 02:56 by Harry Cooke
Released: 2nd November 2009

by Joe Richardson

Getting signed by Gary Gersh (the man who signed Sonic Youth and Nirvana to Geffen in the early 90's) brings with it two things. The first being a sense of expectation from music fans who know that he very rarely gets it wrong and, the second, a knowledge that you must be a bit good to be signed by this man in the first place.

With all that resting on their shoulders Dead Confederate give us "The Rat" which feels like a stirring combination of alt-rock sharing a beer with some old time Americana and a cigarette with some of the deepest darkest areas of psychedelia. The wavering opening guitar chord gives way to the gentle melody and a steady beat that seems to roll over and over on itself before whirling up into a cacophony of sound for the chorus. You are given the feeling that the music governs it's own destiny and the band are only there so that the music has a means of getting to an audience.

If anything, Dead Confederate impress with this single, which has rarely been off my CD player since it dropped onto the door mat. I just can't wait to listen to the full length album.