Errors- Come Down With Me

posted 3 Mar 2010, 04:27 by Joe Richardson
[Rock Action Records]
Released: 1st March 2010

by Jack Baron
Fittingly the ideas for Errors second album "Come Down With Me" came together on  jaunts around Europe playing with Mogwai and anyone who caught them at Latitude last year will have caught an early versions of tracks that now appear on the album. In between then and now the band returned to their own studio to work on the album.

Where "Come Down With Me" sounds a lot tighter and more refined from the bands previous album they still manage to retain all the best bits from earlier in their career. The first single to come from the album "A Rumour In Africa" perfectly demonstrates this with it's rumbling bass and synth sound which still sounds just as refined as before but with the addition of hooks that keep you listening attentively to the track. This addition of real catchy hooks shows nicely how the band have progressed in the eighteen months or so between records and tracks such as "Supertribe" and "Antipode" offer a perfect example of this. Else where stand out tracks "The Erskine Bridge", filled with inflection sits along side the introspective "Sorry About The Mess". The band really seem to have thought through the ordering of tracks here as each one seems to be a brilliant lead into the next one before culminating in the closing track "Beards". This track is a whirl of ever changing and progressing time signatures that never seem to sit still or settle into any sort of pattern. A perfect ending to "Come Down With Me".

While this isn't a ground breaking album, it is am excellently written, produced and performed album that seems to offer something new at every listen. It's been on repeat on my CD player for the last few days now and I don't see it coming off for another couple at least. This is an exciting album for the band and one that clearly marks out their battle lines. They have jettisoned some parts and added to what they do best to create an album that shows the bands inventiveness and highlights a couple of different ways in which they could progress their sound further. Exciting times indeed.