Fighting Fiction - A Lesser Of Two Evils

posted 16 Dec 2009, 08:25 by Harry Cooke
[Dead Planet Records]
Released: 16th November 2009

by Leon Rightback

The title track to the Bristol based four piece 
Fighting Fiction is liberally draped in reggae tinged punk timings and ska guitars all being played fast and fiercely with Jacob Glew singing lyrics about not playing the cooperate game to conform with what is expected from them. "A Lesser Of Two Evils" evokes memories of London's Calling era Clash with the lyrical content of a Billy Bragg and the delivery of the aformentioned Bragg or latterly Frank Turner.

"Camerphones and Choruses" is a more straight ahead uptempo song that mixes modern day punk ideology with driving indie guitars. Lyrically the song deals the crowd at gigs who sing along with just the choruses at gigs and whether or not these people believe in the lyrics that they are singing back at the band or are they just doing it to look good in front of their friends. "Cameraphones and Choruses" is a short, sharp blast at those who are all style an no substance in the scene. The song is driven and to the point while delivering the bands message in a concise way. 

Third track 
"You Mean The World To Me" is, lyrically, a change of pace for Fighting Fiction. Opening with the slow strumming of a acoustic guitar before opening up into a mid tempo love song which deals with memories of the blossoming of love and, possibly, a love lost. 

Fighting Fiction are an exciting young band, that have shown through this E.P that they are capable of writing songs bout a range of different topics. The only downside is that the songs do have the tendency to blend into each other a little on this E.P but that wouldn't stop me wanting to check out more of the bands work.