Frank Turner - Poetry Of The Deed

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[Xtra Mile Recordings]
Released: 31st August 2009

Frank Turner is rapidly turning into something of a national treasure after the last few years of being something of a cult hero, the rest of the country, if not the world, is finally taking note of Frank Turner.

A fairly easy and somewhat lazy comparison to 
Billy Bragg could quite easily be applied to Frank Turners music an plastered all over this review with it's hundred mile an hour acoustic punk sounds and catchy lyrics but I feel that this doesn't do him justice really as there are  similarities between his and Bragg's music but Frank Turner is less overtly political and is singing about issues that concern lost love, life on tour as well as a Braggesque political rant in "Sons Of Liberty"

The first single to be lifted from the album 
"The Road" deals with Turners constant travels and how he feels more comfortable when he is playing shows in front of a live audience and not sat at home getting a little too comfortable. He also talks about his experiences while on the road. Driving across deserts and "partying with punks in DC" all get a mention in what is a exciting, uptempo and very catchy song. Even after listening to this track 3 hours ago it's still in my head and it just won't go away! Not always a bad thing.

Richard Divine
 has a bit of a Beatles feel to it coming across a little bit Eleanor Rigby with some of the darker parts trimmed off and left on the side. Simple, pounding drum beats and a nice piano part that intertwines with an electric guitar create a brooding atmosphere that allows Frank Turner to sing a warning hymn of the perils that may occur to the Richard Divine character.

Produced by 
Alex Newport (Death Cab For CutieAt The Drive InTwo Gallants) the album catches the live energy that Frank Turner and his band have become known for through the last few years of touring that have established him as a live act that must be seen.

Overall a very good album that's great to put on no matter what the situation or mood that has some very catchy up tempo songs as well as demonstrating that Frank Turner can do a good brooding tune as well as the fast and furious songs that he has become known for.


Leon Rightback  

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