Frank Turner - Poetry Of The Deed (Single)

posted 19 Nov 2009, 05:47 by Harry Cooke
[Xtra Mile Recordings/Epitaph Records]
Released: 16th November 2009

by Leon Rightback

"Poetry Of The Deed"
 is the second single to come from Frank Turners new album of the same title. The track itself is a statement of intent from Turner and something of a call to arms to the listener to do something that will change your life and, while at it, why don't you chronicle it in their own way. 

There is something that's very straightforward and to the point about Frank Turners lyrics. He doesn't mess around with pointless hidden messages but still manages to make his lyrics sound alive an meaningful. Instead he takes his message and pushes it forward in a 3 minute bust in a way that we all understand and that can't fail to catch the listeners attention.