FrankTurner- The Road

posted 8 Sep 2009, 02:11 by The Editor

[Xtra Mile Records]

Released: 31st August 2009

Frank Turner’s vocal, swiftly joined by acoustic guitar, kicks off this catchy slice of punk-folk neatly grafting the traditional subject matter of American folk and blues - the travelling lifestyle, hoboing - onto a contemporary personal view caught between staying and going and with life on the road. Augmented by walking bass, skipping drums and riffing electric guitar, the song’s sound fills out and bounces along which, transposed to a live setting, would get anyone dancing and enthralled.


In what seems customary amongst modern minstrels, Turner sings of the road with uncertainty and ambivalence while equating it with freedom. No voice in the wilderness on this score. He’s keen for company, though, carrying us along with him.


Not so fresh musically or lyrically but a rather enjoyable journey all the same.



Tony Clarke

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