Japanese Voyeurs - Sicking and Creaming EP

posted 23 Oct 2009, 01:36 by Harry Cooke

[Slimeball Records]

October 5th 2009


by Vicky Miller

Voyeurs are a London based five-piece who freely admit: ‘We don’t really know much at all about music in a technical sense; key changes and time signatures are a bit baffling.’ Singer Romily Alice’s high pitched drawl is set against distorted, simple grunge riffs on the very short opening track “Dumb”. Japanese Voyeurs sound is sleazy and their lyrics deal with sexual repression, sexual expression and getting fucked over, as you might expect from an angsty post-grunge/ punk rock band with a kooky female vocalist.

The second track “X-Ray Ted” sounds almost identical to the first, with Alice screeching and crying out “I only wanna be an animal” repeatedly over some distorted noise. The track is saved slightly by some random and interesting guitar effects towards the endDespite highlighting their lack of musical prowess, there is an attempt at a guitar solo on third track “You’re So Cool” although it does get lost amidst the haze of the other instruments. All three of the songs on this mini EP really do sound strikingly similar.

Japanese Voyeurs sound like a cross between Jack Off Jill and a less accomplished Sonic Youth. If you’re a fan of Daisy ChainsawAngelica or Pretty Girls Make Graves then chances are you’re going to love this.

Japanese Voyeurs are currently on tour with Johnny Foreigner.