John Alexander Ericson - Songs From The White Sea

posted 10 Oct 2009, 02:13 by Harry Cooke   [ updated 10 Oct 2009, 03:47 ]
[Warsaw Recordings]
Released: 28th September 2009

When I flick through the Sky TV guide looking for a film to watch, I'll often click on a few I haven't heard of before and read the synopsis. Its 30 words are never going to be enough to give you a true reflection of the movie on offer, but its distilled and reduced 
summary does give some pointers. For the past 10 years or so I've had one rule while flicking through this blue and yellow wasteland, if the synopsis contains the words "charming and endearing film..." I find something else to watch.

I've had John Alexander Ericson's debut album "Songs From The White Sea" sitting on my desk for a couple of weeks now. It's had a couple of spins on the stereo, mainly in the background, but I wasn't struck by it. Nothing about this album hit me as being exciting or different but I have found myself listening to it more and more. It's charmed me, it's an endearing album, and I have begun to love it.

"Blinded By The Highways" and "In The Eleventh Hour" remind me of the The Dandy 
Warhols' more subdued tracks, and in fact this comparison stays with me for most of the album. There are also moments in "Midnight Warriors" where I get a sense of the vocals of MGMT.

I think the next step for me is to see John play live, but in the meantime I'll be giving those "Charming and Endearing" films 
I've dismissed a go.


Harry Cooke