Lauren Pritchard - "the jackson sessions" EP

posted 19 Apr 2010, 12:14 by Harry Cooke   [ updated 19 Apr 2010, 12:25 ]
[Island Records]
Released: 3rd May 2010

by Amy Greene

Something new from the gorgeous folk at Island who always seem to be slightly ahead of the curve, here is one to keep an eye on. Lauren Pritchard is currently touring music colleges and venues around the country and I'll certainly be going to see her. The four songs on the ep are exciting and intense whilst remaining loose enough to avoid sounding over produced, no mean feat in our days of ubiquitous auto tune.  

The title track was co-written with Ed Harcourt and produced by Marcus Mumford which bears testament to Pritchard's burgeoning talent, and her sound; there aren't many new artists who can claim an association with such folk but she certainly warrants one. 

'the jackson sessions' is varied in tone and gives an idea of the range of Pritchard's forthcoming album 'Wasted in Jackson'. Her Tennessean roots are evident in the vocal on 'stuck' and 'bad time to fall' where she makes Joss Stone seem a real pretender in the soul stakes with her rich vocal. Despite all of that she still sounds like she has more to offer. 

The eponymous 'When the Night Kills the Day' includes gorgeous piano, strings, lots of percussion, banjo (I think??) and the result is a song which manages to sound simultaneously languid and urgent, the only words I can find for this original new artist.

As the ep is being marketed in association with, who are currently offering a free copy, you can check her out yourself. 

I would go and see her and soon, in a small venue, just so you can say 'I was there...' A superb new talent.