Let’s Go To War – Wolves

posted 28 Mar 2010, 04:07 by Joe Richardson

[Last Gang Records]

Released: 22nd March 2010

by Fred Palmer


Wolves. Death. War. The Devil. Not exactly things you’d expect to find in a bouncy club track. But Canada’s Let’s Go To War prove that darkness can make it on the dancefloor, with their latest single Wolves (from the forthcoming album Karmageddon), a surprisingly morbid number that nevertheless seems capable of becoming a successful floor-filler.


Wolves, despite it’s unashamedly pop vocals, is actually rather poetic. Its talk of baying wolves, sinister characters and urban nightmares (The devil’s outside with his guns tryna start a war/And the preacher’s tryna trick me saying come inside and close the door”) act as metaphors for the pitch-black elements of broken society. A rap interlude gels surprisingly well within the pop/club vibes and the track’s conclusion, a Basement Jaxx-esque rhythm in which we hear amid a pulsing bass beat the words “In the belly of the beast” repeated over and over with increasing volume, is both catchy and unnerving.


All in all, Wolves comes across as the musical equivalent of a David Lynch film. Dark, compelling, creepy and warped; full of threatening characters and sordid underlying messages. And yet, set to a bouncy dance beat, it’s strangely catchy. Dismal but fun.