Manchester Orchestra - Shake It Out

posted 10 Dec 2009, 00:48 by Harry Cooke
[Columbia Records]
Released: 16th November 2009

by Jack Baron 

They aren't from Manchester and they aren't an orchestra but they are making one hell of a great sound. "Shake It Out" opens with the sound of a driving guitar that remains a constant during the verse and helps to underpin the whole song. This sits nicely along side a tight, pummeling drum beat which allows a second guitar to creating shifting sound patterns to accompany Andy Hull's vocals as well as creating the loud/soft dynamic and showing an urgency in the song.

This urgency is particularly evident in Hull's often gasped vocals, it's almost as if he has to get the words out to get rid of the demons that exist within. There is an intensity in "Shake It Out" that few bands could match and gives the song a raw passion to it which makes a real nice change from many bands who don't seem to have this drive and intensity to some of their music.

Shake It Out is a good track and one that makes me want to hear more of Manchester Orchestra, if you are a fan of Weezer, Nirvana, The Pixies or Foo Fighters go and give this a listen.