Motion Picture Soundtrack – Glass Figures

posted 21 Feb 2010, 12:43 by Joe Richardson

[Endgame Records]

Released: 22nd February 2010

by Fred Palmer

While the likes of the ceaselessly chirpy Glee soundtrack currently dominating the charts, it’s refreshing to hear something as dark, rich and heavy as “Glass Figures”, the latest offering from the massively acclaimed Motion Picture Soundtrack. The single, which precedes the release of their album debut “The Shapes We Fear Are Of Our Own” (due to be released 1st March) and follows on from the release of the hugely well-received “Departure EP, is a powerful, brooding piece, entirely deserving of notice.

The opening bars of “Glass Figures” echo the kind of rawness heard in The Editors’ music, setting a dark, melancholy tone for the track in general. However, Motion Picture Soundtrack offer something slightly more; as the track opens out, the tempo is picked up, blending the deep, pulsing underlying melody with a much choppier beat that, along with frontman Alastair Blackwood’s confident, soulful voice makes for something more unique. Think Echo And The Bunnymen merged with Bloc Party.

The lyrics, much like the “Glass Figures” of the track’s title, are fragile, elegant and extremely well-crafted. Blackwood sings of anguish and heartbreak, his passionate delivery skilfully interwoven with the throbbing melodies, creating one fluid, captivating sound.

All in all, a highly impressive single and a great precursor to the forthcoming album. Though undoubtedly an acquired taste, one that is unlikely to ever appeal to a mass audience, Motion Picture Soundtrack are undeniably a band worth looking out for. If their coming work is anything like this superb single, the alt-rock genre may well have found a new champion.



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