New Rhodes - Quando Quando Quando

posted 15 Jan 2010, 05:23 by Harry Cooke
[Salty Cat Records]
Released: 30th November 2009

by Leon Rightback 

Ok, firstly to cover 
Englebert Humperdink takes some serious balls, even if it is for charity like this is. The band tackle "Quando Quando Quando" with tongues firmly planted in cheeks with James Williams showing that a career in lounge style crooning is only just around the corner and Jack Ashdown's bass bouncing along with the trumpets which makes this a near faithful copy of the original.

Also on the single is 
"The Bells Of St John" which is an atmospheric, slow song complete with lazy guitars that create a hazy sound scape for Williams to sing over and a xylophone nicely nestled away in the background, all round a lovely, hazy song. The temp is picked up with "Someone Else" which sees the band at their uptempo best. Picked, sharp guitars sit over Tim Desmonds solid beats which, once again, gives Williams chance to shine as a vocalist. Sounding a little like a mix between early Editors withe the bouncy, fun elements of Kaiser ChiefsNew Rhodes are clearly a to look out for if they come to a town near you and just hope that they play a cover of "Quando Quando Quando"!