Primary 1 & Riton - Radiate

posted 23 Dec 2009, 06:26 by Harry Cooke
[Atlantic Records]
Released: 30th November 2009

by Joe Richardson

 follows on from previous single "Who's there?" and is highlighting the talents of the musical kindred spirit that exists between Primary 1 and Riton. Once again this track is filled with pop sensibilities with it's bouncy beats and synth filled verses which is making me want to dance around the room in a fashion that I normally reserve for weddings and other occasions where other people will be too drunk to remember my dancing.

Taking the baton from the like of Hot Chip in making fun, bouncy, pop music Primary 1 & Riton run with it at high speed and add uber sharp production and extra splashes of sunshine that will fill dance floor no matter where it is played.

Clocking in at a little under 2.29 long there isn't much else to say about this track, just listen out for it and dance along with it's fun filled beats.