Reuben - We Should Have Gone To University

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Released: 24th August 2009

Before we really get down to the business of talking about this mammoth release of the 
Reuben back catalogue a little confession from me. I'm already a huge fan. I went to see the band of my own accord during the early to mid 2000's as well as blagging gust list places at their shows and writing about them for other fanzines. Now that's out of the way I feel that we can carry on with the rest of the review.

Reuben going into indefinite hiatus last June Xtra Mile have decided to put together what is essentially a complete retrospective of Reuben's 7 year recording career complete with the video for every single that the band made and live footage from their 2007 appearance on the Main Stage at Download Festival. It should also be noted that the tracks are in chronological order, a rather nice touch if one that I'm a bit geeky for knowing.

Well known tracks to such as 
"Lets Stop Hanging Out" from the bands debut full length album "Racecar Is Racecar Backwards" and "Scared Of The Police" from the follow up album "Very Fast Very Dangerous" still sound fresh and as full of energy as they did 5 years or so ago. "Words From Reuben" from their debut "Pilot" EP makes an appearance very early on in the track listing is a song that I had forgotten about over the years and showcases the bands slightly more melodic side rather than some of the heavier, more straight ahead rock sounding tracks that the characterised the bands later out put. 

The inclusion of early tracks such as "Alpha Signal Seven" and "Crimson" alongside later tracks nicely show the bands musical progression through the years that the band where together as they find their own sound and move away from sounding a little bit too much like the Foo Fighters and early Queens OF The Stone Age for comfort.

The omission of tracks such as 
"Freddy Kruger""Everytime a Teenager Listens To Drum And Bass A Rock Star Dies" and "Keep It To Yourself" from the CD portion of the CD is slightly disappointing but they are on the DVD. To be honest with 2 Cd's of music and a DVD there is plenty here to keep the most loyal Reuben fan very happy for a long time. 

Clocking in at 44 tracks in length it's quite difficult to write about every track and every emotion that the band take the listener through in that time. One thing that you do get is a sense of the bands progression and the increased levels of confidence that the band have the further through their career they go.

The musicianship mixed with the raw power of the band and some great song writing make Reuben a great, if often over looked band and 
"We Should Have Gone To University" does the band justice despite a few of their best songs not being included on here. The band often played packed out shows but just didn't sell the records and, with this being such a huge collection at nearly 2 and half hours long, this is a collection for existing fans not one for recruiting new fans to the Reuben cause.


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