Scouting For Girls – This Ain’t A Love Song

posted 29 Mar 2010, 02:24 by Joe Richardson

[Epic Records]

Released: 29th March 2010

by Fred Palmer

After a somewhat lengthy absence, Scouting For Girls, kings of the catchy indie/pop movement return with a new single “This Ain’t A Love Song”, a precursor to their second album “Everybody Wants To Be On TV” (released 12th April). Their re-emergence brings up two questions. What took them so long? And will their latest work match the standard of their best-selling debut?


The first question is easily answered. The reason for the lengthy delay stems from the band’s decision after the 2008 Brit Awards to scrap all initial recordings of their second album with the intentions of tightening them up and perfecting them – surely the signs of three unshakably dedicated musicians who are in it more for love than money. It certainly suggests great things for the trio’s second outing.


Indeed, “This Ain’t A Love Song” certainly won’t disappoint Scouting’s die-hard and ever-patient fanbase; this new single would sit comfortably within their debut album, proof that the band hasn’t tampered with their original, much-loved sound. Although the track initially sounds very much like a Keane song, with its gentle piano melody, the band’s trademark quirkiness (or twee-ness, whichever you prefer) quickly shines through via frontman Roy Stride’s distinct cockney vocals that still tread that fine line between the likeable cheeky chappy stereotype, and that of a cocky James Blunt-esque public schoolboy (“And I’m a little bit lost without you/ And I’m a bloody big mess inside”). Nevertheless, Stride’s delivery brims with as much energetic charm as it does irritating smugness, and the inclusion of a backing strings symphony adds depth and emotion to the track, showing that the  band have matured and expanded their sound, without damaging their signature style.


Once again, and despite the title’s suggestion to the opposite, Scouting’s latest track is infused with tales of romance; of youthful love and painful rejection. Sickly sweet but nonetheless enjoyable, evoking an innocent charm that is clearly part of the band’s widespread appeal. And with its toe-tapping beat, soaring instrumentals and general air of quiet confidence and unrestrained joy, this track seems set to be a hit, heralding a very welcome return for Scouting For Girls, a return which is sure to be received with hysterical delight from the band’s adoring following. Indeed, while Scouting insist that “This Ain’t A Love Song”, for their fans it most certainly is.