Seeland - Captured

posted 10 Nov 2009, 04:03 by Harry Cooke   [ updated 10 Nov 2009, 04:08 ]
Released: 19th October 09 

by Simon Micklethwaite

Captured" is the second single to be taken from Seeland's debut album "Tomorrow Today" released on LoaF earlier this year. As we slide into Winter, anticipating skeletal branches and angular rain, it is emboldening to walk out into the late Summer air of this track. We have barely a moment to disentangle our scarves and find our feet skipping along to this nostalgic arc of loves onrushing carefree arrows. 

Percussive patter and giddy piano push us eagerly into the spread, as lyrical restraint parries the accurate darts, dead-panning "Hey, what do you want.....please don't you leave me alone." But it is inevitable; the soaring chorus lifts us over the edge; "You captured my heart..... now....I am your prisoner". There is no care for consequence. The key changes pull us further up, yet the baritone vocal is so at ease with itself,  we are trusting and given over to the excitement inherent in the compulsive enthusiasm of the propellant rhythms.

Track 2 on the EP is a little more introspective; Remixers 
The Advisory Circle's subtle rendering of "Call The Incredible" is an invitation to connect with all the best in ourselves; gentle reverb and delay provide a platform for such encouragement; "Touch the skies, the eagle's flight is true/ it teaches you." This is no faux-hippy mulch. The preacher has been left in the church, leaving us placed beyond the trite and bombastic. Again, as with track one, the vocal is allowed to temper the blistering potential for over-exposure. It is a privilege to hear a track where the remixer edits with such dexterity.