Standard Fare - Fifteen

posted 18 Jan 2010, 08:22 by Harry Cooke
[Thee SPC]
Released: 14th December 2009

by Sam Metcalf

In which 
Emma Kupa gets all saucy about an awkward, illicit encounter with a fifteen year old. "Fifteen" fair rattles along, with choppy, chiming guitars, and an almost Keith Moon-esque performance on the drums. As ever, Emma's voice makes this single so special. "On your side you're just too damn attractive/In your eyes I watch you see inside my head", she coos, before she realises that it's all a bit wrong and that she wants to go home, trying desperately to fight some carnal urge. And then drink is blamed. Isn't it always?...

And then pay-off line is that the wayward hero in the story is "only 22" and "still doesn't know what it is that I want to do."
"Fifteen" is Standard Fare at their most honest, raw best. It reminds, lyrically at least, of early Smiths, and if Standard Fare go on to achieve even half of that kind of promise then we're all in for a treat over the next couple of years.