Straight Lines - Verses The Allegiance

posted 5 Jan 2010, 06:08 by Harry Cooke
[Xtra Mile Recordings]
Released:7th December 2009

by Gordan Greif

Punchy choruses and soaring vocals typify this release from Welsh four piece 
Straight Lines"Verses The Allegiance" sounds a bit like Youmeatsix would do if they could add a bit more weight to their songs with James Pugh's guitar at the front of the song to drive singer Tom Jenkins vocals  towards the anthemic heights which will have crowds singing "Verses The Allegiance" back to them as they tour with Kids In Glass Houses et al. Both "Verses The Allegiance" and second track "When In Doubt" show clear influence taken from fellow Welsh bands Funeral For A Friend and Lost Prophets with their punchy drums and guitars as well as hugely memorable choruses that will please audiences and create a great live shows.

The other two tracks on this single are both acoustic versions which currently seems very fashionable amongst bands almost to prove that they can play something in a stripped down version as well as the guitar laden versions that appear on the album and live on stage. Whist there is no doubt that 
"All My Friends Have Joined The Army" is a serious song about the reasons that people join the army and Jenkins experiences of not wanting friends to leave for the like of Iraq and Afghanistan, the stripped down nature exposes the fact that without being amplified and filled with guitar effects the songs have little substance apart from Jenkins vocals which leads to them sounding very samey. This isn't souly a criticism that can be levelled at Straight Lines though, many bands of this genre are exactly the same. Saying that, these song would still provide the sing a long moments that are so popular at gigs today.

In all, 
Straight Lines have produced a really good, solid single that will propel them upwards onto larger things. Just stay clear of the acoustic versions guys.