Stupids – The Kids Don’t Like It

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"The Kids Don’t Like It" seems an immensely inappropriate title, to me the demographic would be angry teenagers, or just older people wanting the nostalgia of those times to come flooding back. Although there is nothing original here, it’s something which would be better suited to a release in the 90’s, there are a few stand out tracks and overall the album is well worth listening to. 

Stupids claim to be in better form than at any other point of their 21 year career. It is evident they have probably been producing very similar sounding work throughout these 21 years but perhaps now are amalgamating more smoothly.

"Remember Me Dismember You" is fast and heavy with a catchy melody and is definitely one of the stand outs of the album sounding somewhere between Goldfinger and Bad Religion. "Melt Me" however has triple layered vocals perhaps more synonymous with modern Emo. "Middle Aged Punk" also stands out, for as a band that labels themselves as Hardcore/Punk on Myspace, this is the only truly hardcore song on the album, though it is quite enjoyable.

The production of the album is a good standard and the Tommy Stupid’s vocals carry many of the songs, however, there are some aspects which shouldn’t have made it past the editing desk. Stupids insist on containing numerous sound clips such as a middle class accent saying ‘Could you pass the Prosecco please’. If there was ever anything original about punk music mocking the minor class divide in Britain is was before this band even formed. On top of this the end of the album features the band’s attempt at a comedy track. Recording impromptu humour and spending hours editing it all together doesn’t seem very ‘punk’ to me, this attempt at comedy continues in the juvenile song titles such as "Drumshop Arsehole", "Feel the Suck" and "I was Sexually Harassed". The band clearly takes itself seriously after being together for over two decades but is reluctant to show this hard work truthfully, hiding under a guise of immaturity.

The tracks available on Myspace weren’t prominent within the album in my opinion but they’ll give you the gist of their sound and style of Stupids. Overall if you feel like reminiscing about your punk ridden puberty give these guys a listen. If you’re looking for something to be cutting edge or challenging boundaries you should probably look elsewhere.


Sio Orient

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