Subsource – The Ides

posted 3 Apr 2010, 02:17 by Joe Richardson   [ updated 3 Apr 2010, 02:21 ]
[Doombox Records]

Released 29th March 2010

by Ash Mitchell

Combining the music of The Prodigy and the vocals of Pendulum, Subsource offers us their latest single The Ides for our musical consideration. Fusing rock and dance together is not by any means uncharted territory especially in recent years with The Prodigy making a triumphant return to the limelight and bands such as Enter Shikari and Hadouken! on the up and up, Subsource however have taken a different take on this genre by having a motive to their music, stating that they were ‘Fucked off with so-called live dance acts mincing behind laptops, and rock acts with no more substance than the product in their hair, things had to change.’  So have they managed to succeed in their quest for change? The short answer is... no.

The Ides sets out to be a floor filling anthem but lacks the hook needed to pull it off and instead feels repetitive and no different from anything that has already been done before by the other groups already mentioned. The vocals and music alike, although good, are repetitive and don’t offer anything new to a genre which seems to have reached the extremes of what can be done with it. Unfortunately for Subsource they seem to a little slow off the mark and consequently feel like they could be a cover band for the genre’s already well established artists.

In summary The Ides fails to add anything to a genre which already feels like it has been pushed to its limits of creativity, there is certainly talent present in Subsource’s music, it’s just a few years too late.