The Jacks - Not Me Not You b/w Do Or Don't

posted 24 Jul 2009, 04:51 by The Editor   [ updated 24 Jul 2009, 05:05 ]
Jangle Chain Records

This is one for the summer. The Jacks write up-tempo major-chord pop songs with the kind of choruses that would have large crowds singing along on beach gigs around the world if only they have the chance. Both "Not Me Not You" and "Do Or Don't" bring the sunshine via jangly guitars and Dom Goldsmith's simple rhymes. 

Their great strength is also their great weakness though, as their chanty choruses allow for a fair bit of predictability, and I imagine these won't be songs you'll still be playing come autumn. But who's thinking of the rain when there's a barbecue on the beach?

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Barry Jarlow 
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