The Stone Roses - 20th Anniversary Release

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20 years on it's impossible to write an unbiased review about "The Stone Roses" as with such an iconic sound, and with the album ingrained in the mind, I'm sure most people will have formed their opinion already. I hope this re-issue will allow those who have previously dismissed this album to give it another go. 

The Stone Roses have undoubtedly sparked the formation of many bands, inspired countless songs and captured the spirit of a generation. The unmistakable bass from Mani (now in Primal Scream) lays the foundation for the vocals from Ian Brown (who now has 5 solo albums under his belt) complemented by John Squire (who went on to form The Seahorses) playing instantly recognisable riffs.

Over the past 5 weeks The Stone Roses have been preparing to to re-release their debut breakthrough album "The Stone Roses" by releasing a limited edition 7" each week; the first "Elephant Stone" being sold with a collectors box in which to store the singles, along with John Squire art prints.

Subsequently the singles "Made of Stone", "She Bangs The Drums", and "Fools Gold" have been released, with "One Love" being released on August 3rd to complete the box set collection. The singles were also released on iTunes with previously unreleased and also unnamed Stone Roses songs to accompany each of them.

August 10th will see the re-release of the fully re-mastered album "The Stone Roses" by the original producer John Leckie, in multiple formats including a Collectors Edition (With a DVD of the Empress Ballroom gig, 2 disc special edition album, 3 vinyls, behind the scenes film by John Leckie on a lemon shaped USB, a never before heard track "Pearl Bastard", and plenty more), a Legacy Edition which includes the album, the "Lost Demos" and the DVD. There will also be a Gatefold Vinyl re-issue, and a 1CD Special Edition released at the same time.

In the modern download era many of us ignore the 'album' in its entirety and simply buy our favourite tracks. This approach does an album like this a disservice as it really warrants a listen in full, as I was reminded when Zane Lowe recently played this seminal album out in full on Radio 1 as part of his 'Masterpieces' series. For those who love the album this re-release is a must-buy and for those who enjoy the singles this is the opportunity to fill in those blanks.

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