The Capitol Years- You Can Stay There

posted 16 Aug 2009, 12:24 by The Editor

"You Can Stay There" by The Capitol Years is the shortest of all the CD's that have been sent to me to face judgement. It also happens to be the best. Does this say something about me as a person? Do I just prefer to get things out the way? No, I don't think so. I think instead it seems, particularly judging by their myspace photo's, that The Capitol Years have stumbled downstairs, found me at a bar and said 'oh yeah, you want that awesome album for this summer'.

It's that kind of album some people need to hear, the one you're glad you heard growing up, when you realise great music can also just be simply happy music. The two song EP sounds like walking down a country lane with the nicest person ever, drinking a glass of gin, on your way to a BBQ where Elliot Smith is limboing with Rolling Stones. I mean surely you want to hear that?

They've also got pictures of themselves on Myspace with Daniel Johnson, which already by proxy means they must be OK. They come from Portland, breeding ground of pretty much every other good band, and they say if you play 'You Can Stay There' backwards you can hear a homage to Brian Eno. Why can't people be listening to this instead of Little Boots?

The EP sounds like a band who are confident in simply doing what they want. Granted, I haven't heard much more of them yet, but I look forward to hearing them in different moods, playing different styles. Until then, expect nothing from this album except simple yet brilliant rhythms and subtle, playful melodies that never once distract you from recognising this as a wonderfully produced and precise EP.

The only shame is, like most things, it doesn't go on long enough. And starting it over again and again isn't much of an option as after an hour the songs tend to repeat themselves. But that is a harsh criticism of a band that doesn't mask the fact they are making easy listening throw away summer pop songs. In fact once you consider them this way, it becomes surprising how much the songs change and different things you notice on returning to certain tracks.

In the same week where the the nights have started to get longer; Heath Ledger's final creative gift to the world was released (a cartoon of humans being skinned alive by whales) and all the significant events of summer seem to be fading away, I recommend going into the death throes of the season by heading over to a friends house with this EP and some beer. Stay out late and talk the summer away with your head high.



 Pat Lee