The Chap Feat. Omo - EP

posted 17 Aug 2009, 02:38 by The Editor   [ updated 17 Aug 2009, 03:11 ]


The Chap
. Well I didn't realise at first they were collaborating with Omo. The opening track on this album "Oversized" is actually the best track on Omo's "The White Album"; and I will make one claim immediately: The Chap are certainly better.

The second track on this two track EP carries on the way I wish Omo had, instead of pursuing left-fieldness, choosing to use ridiculous monotonous vocals, The Chap choose to sing with rhythm, harmonies and melodies, 

In fact the result for The Chap is quite an entertaining EP. If only Omo could have seen things the same way.



Pat Lee

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